HF`s real-time monitoring in a live-stream at TireTech Expo

At this year's TireTechExpo Dr. Bernd Pape and his team presented the HF Xplore real-time monitoring system with the help of a live stream to the HF manufacturing & R&D halls in Hamburg. A HF Curing press was in operation simulating potential failures, the team captured these failures in the HF Xplore App and presented digital recommendation for troubleshooting at the booth at the show. This approach to visualize the functionality of the app HF Xplore was very well received by our customers.

HF digital step-up | European Rubber Journal (european-rubber-journal.com)

This solution can also improve your production?
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HF Xplore video link: https://lnkd.in/dAh9V5p8

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Dr. Pape in an interview with Patrick Raleigh, European Rubber Journal, issue April/May 23.

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