HF Press+LipidTech – After 160 years still the pace setter in our industry.

HF Press+LipidTech is a division of the Hamburg/Germany based HF Group. Together we can look back on a very successful history. Due to our passion, enthusiasm and permanent invest in research and development we are proud to hold the position as global player on every market we serve with our technologies.

Our reputation is to a great extend caused by the superior quality and performance of our screw presses – the famous “Krupp-presses” - with almost 2,500 units sold and delivered to date.

Our product portfolio ranges from individual machines to complete systems for oilseed preparation, oilseed pressing and crude oil refining. We also supply special screw presses for animal waste products or special applications in the dewatering sector. What we have to offer is more than just economic and environmentally-compatible standard concepts in line with the market. The design of individual and customized solutions is our predominant strength.

Reliability and low-maintenance aspects are key features of our machines. We produce all critical and sensitive wear parts in our own manufacturing facilities to guarantee best possible quality. Deliveries of components from our suppliers are subject to particularly stringent quality control inspections. Individual, tailor-made solutions as well as top service and highest quality spare parts for the next decades are arguments you can count on.

Although pressing technology and screw presses dominate HF PLT’s reputation our crude oil refining technology is trend-setting with regard to degumming/neutralization, bleaching as well as deodorization. Especially noteworthy is our winterization technology as standard filtration process, incorporating latest plant design and controls or as HF patented Combi-process combining degumming with dewaxing by centrifuges.

As examples for our outstanding expertise we would like to introduce two recent landmark projets:

PCC….Biggest Canola Full-Pressing Plant.

The world-wide biggest full-pressing plant has been commissioned in the early weeks of 2013 in Warden, Washington/USA. The canola processing plant has a nominal capacity of 1,100 t/day and is operated by Pacific Coast Canola. The project’s design builder has been Industrial Construction Group, USA. Seed preparation lay-out has been provided by Crown Iron Works, USA, and the double pressing is done by HF Press+LipidTech PLT screw presses type SP340P and EP16. In order to achieve the capacity requirements two pre-presses and a total of ten final presses are used. With a total number of 12 presses and the high processing capacity this is the biggest pressing installation by HF PLT and at the same time in the world. This installation has also to be looked at as continuation of a proven concept of two-step pressing as realized in various locations. The second largest installation of this type has also been installed by HF PLT in Northern America: It is the canola full-pressing plant in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba, Canada with a total number of 10 presses and a capacity of 1,000 t/d.

Teutoburger Ölmühle…A New Definition of Rapeseed Processing

The project for Ölmühle Lehen in Ibbenbüren, Germany is currently in the phase of installation to be ready for start-up in spring 2014. HF PLT is in particular proud of being nominated the key technology provider since it combines technological challenges and a high degree of complexity. The project consists of a pressing system with three different but related pressing tasks as well as a refining system covering the three standard technologies degumming, bleaching and deodorizing. As usual “standard” does not describe the technologies correctly as several modifications for considerable improvements in utility consumption, product quality and service accessibility have been implemented. Together with the supply of all relevant technological equipment HF PLT has been in charge of all related basic and detail engineering and performs the field services to supervise the installation as well as start-up.

Apart from technological expertise and high quality service the known long service lives of our press wear parts form the basis for the trustful and beneficial partnership between our customers and HF PLT.

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