07. August 2017

The implementation of HF Group Hamburg’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been reviewed by EcoVadis, an independent CSR certifier headquartered in Paris, and has been placed amongst the top 30% of companies evaluated worldwide.

A total of 56 points and consequently an EcoVadis Silver CSR Award were achieved due to HF Group Hamburg’s above-average performance in all areas evaluated. In comparison, German companies that have been audited by EcoVadis generally achieve an average of 42 points.

HF Group Hamburg is particularly pleased with the successful evaluation by EcoVadis, as its performance in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility has been assessed by an independent entity. HF Group Hamburg was able to improve significantly upon the evaluation of the previous year. “EcoVadis’ exceedingly positive evaluation is a strong sign honoring our measures and the actions implemented in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility,” said Managing Director, Dr. Jörn Seevers. “The responsible handling of resources, environmental protection, and the observance of CSR principles are of great importance to the HF Group.” Dr. Seevers added, “as such, the annual review carried out by EcoVadis is a great opportunity for us to have our efforts evaluated by a neutral entity.”

EcoVadis conducts comprehensive assessments of companies’ CSR management systems by analyzing the existing CSR principles, as well as by evaluating corporate actions and measures applied in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. EcoVadis thus monitors the sustainability of over 20,000 companies (service providers, manufacturing, and trade) in 95 countries, and is called upon by international organizations.

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