Severe patent infringement in the market – HF defends their patents

HF is well known as an innovator and developer of advanced technologies for the tire manufacturing process.

Since their founding, HF has introduced numerous innovative machine concepts through heavy investment in research & development and through the passion and know-how of its employees.

HF always applies for a patent or registered design for all new developments in all relevant industrial countries, where tires are manufactured or machines and facilities for tire manufacturing are produced. For important new developments, for example in the field of tire building drums, HF has already obtained the respective patents.

Currently there is a severe situation in the market where HF technologies, including the associated procedures and devices, are not only being copied but where those copies are even being registered for patent approval. HF is determined to fight against these infringements with all available resources provided by patent law. Especially in the case of infringement of intellectual property rights of existing patents, HF will take legal actions for injunctive relief as well as compensation without any exception.

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